Welcome to Some Things – a smattering of inspirational and interesting things we’ve found on the World Wide Web this week.

  1. 1. Something to send to your developer

This Wired article notes that “the ability to write code has become not just a desirable skill but a language that grants insider status to those who speak it” But the future looks very different for developers who, as machine learning progresses, will be the computer ‘trainers’. Interesting long read.

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2. Something that gives you a peek into the future

Despite Google Glass not taking off, many peoples vision of the future is one of an augmented reality layered world. Wondering what that looks like? Enjoy 6 minutes of this terrifying glimpse into a nightmare world.

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3. Something to make you question yourself

Apparently “social networks do best when they tap into one of the seven deadly sins.” So, how do the social networks we spending our time on every day stack up this this theory? Very well it seems.

“According to Dante, the greedy and avaricious are condemned to joust with each other using enormous heavy boulders, forever. What’s more, they are rendered unrecognizable—each soul appears as the blandest, dullest version of itself. Does that sound like LinkedIn or what? Mandelbaum’s translation put it particularly well”

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4. Something to help you do your bit for the world

With increasing donor fatigue, charity fundraising has needed a bit shake up for a while. So we thought we would do our bit to make the change and develop Lunchbox – the contactless donation box that, with one tap of your card, takes 30p – enough to pay for a kids school lunches for a week in the developing world. So far Lunchbox tappers have paid for nearly 600 children to have lunch. Nice.

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5. Something to give you a reality check

Many people think the startup bubble is going to go POP with a bigger bang than the Dot Com bubble. Not convinced? Ask Simon Ng, he’s now struggling to shift ping-pong tables in Silicon Valley.

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6. Something inspirational

At Earnest Labs we are all about problem solving, and this video is one of the best examples of problem solving we have seen for a long time. Save those turtles.

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