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Earnest Labs is the innovation arm of Earnest, the agency that exists to chase the humdrum out of business to business marketing. We believe business people need to be inspired, engaged, entertained and enthralled by brands – every bit as much as consumers.

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Somehow inevitable: Tiny things changing the world

Somehow inevitable: Tiny things changing the world

We’ve launched a new podcast called ‘Somehow Inevitable’ to look into some of the unstoppable, but sometimes unseen, forces at work in our society. By making sense of advances in technology, investigating the things we could easily take for granted and uncovering fascinating human stories, we’ll be seeking inspiration in some unlikely places.

In our first episode, we’re looking at how technology can be used by businesses to do real good in the world, simply by encouraging subtle changes to customer behaviour.

We speak to James Wood about our charity initiative, Lunchbox, that’s feeding schoolchildren in the developing world. He discusses how much responsibility he thinks brands and businesses should take for solving social and environmental problems in today’s world.

We’re also interviewing Nikki Maksimovic, Country Manager for the UK at the Berlin-based search engine, Ecosia. They’ve found a way to use internet advertising to plant trees.

We hope the insights will encourage marketers to think differently about how they can use their marketing and their brand to make a difference in the world and even challenge current business models.

You can listen to the podcast below or subscribe on iTunes using right here.



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    Somehow Inevitable Episode 3: Listen up! The voice revolution is coming.

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