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Somehow Inevitable Episode 3: Listen up! The voice revolution is coming.

Somehow Inevitable Episode 3: Listen up! The voice revolution is coming.

Chances are you’ve already had some experience with virtual assistants.

Perhaps you’ve bellowed at Siri to write you an email. Or maybe you’ve mocked Alexa for mishearing your music request. Either way, the tyranny of typing queries into computers is fast coming to an end and our three guests on Somehow Inevitable this week help us to get a sense of just what’s going and what it all means.

On the podcast, you’ll hear from Pete Campbell from Kaizen, Heather Andrew from Neuro Insight and Jeremy Pounder from Mindshare in a veritable smörgåsbord of insight and ideas, covering everything from voice assistants for marketing, bad sci-fi references and how the way our interactions with the Internet are changing because of voice technology.

Listen to the podcast up above and subscribe to us on iTunes here.

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