Hello there and welcome to the blog post for the next episode of Somehow Inevitable, our podcast.

(This sort of charming introduction and laid-back tone of voice is just the sort of thing you can expect to enjoy more of when you tuck into this auditory feast.)

As always, we spent some time talking to smart people about technology. In this case, voice technology (and the ideas that intersect with it).

Chances are you’ve already had some kind of experience with a voice assistant. Maybe you’ve tried (with varying degrees of success) to get Siri to write an email. Or maybe you’ve shouted at Alexa in your kitchen. Either way, the tyranny of typing out instructions for computers is coming to an end and our three very willing, very knowledgable guests were able to help us get a sense of just what on earth is really going and what it all means.

We met up with Pete Campbell from Kaizen, and we had a natter with Heather Andrew from Neuro Insight and Jeremy Pounder from Mindshare. It was a veritable smorgasbord of insight and ideas. We covered everything from making voice assistants work for marketing, bad sci-fi references and how the way we interact with the Internet is fundamentally changing.

So fire up the kettle (if you’re at home) or get ready to ignore the other commuters (if you’re on the bus) and tuck into episode 3 of Somehow Inevitable.

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