We’re thrilled to announce that the latest episode of our podcast, Somehow Inevitable is out now.

In our second episode, we’re looking at the fast-moving and sometimes baffling world of chatbots. We want to find out if this talkative new technology can actually bring humans together rather than pull us further apart.

We met for a quick pint with Ben Tossell, co-founder of Botlist and Community Lead at Product Hunt, to find out more about the bots already out there and why he felt the need to build an online marketplace to house them. Then we called Eugene Bann in San Francisco, he’s the founder and Chief Technology Officer at X2AI, to learn more about how his company is building artificial intelligence that’s helping tackle mental health issues all over the world.

While the idea of chatbots might seem a little futuristic, they’re quickly taking over our lives – from the simple, button-powered forms in messaging apps to voice activated personal assistants in our smartphones. But bots running on self-learning artificial intelligence are going to change all that. Listen to our podcast to find out the impact this could have on society and what you can do about it.

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