It’s not hard to find great examples of innovation within big businesses.

Marketing, sales and product development departments are doing more than ever to shake up their operations to keep ahead of the curve.

One area you rarely read of innovation, however, is in Corporate Social Responsibility.

For many, CSR is seen as the part of the business that is responsible for ensuring regulations are adhered to and the annual partner charity is chosen. But for many staff, it doesn’t go a long way beyond that.

We think we can change all that and provide a light touch way to involve everyone in the business – giving your staff a way to make a big difference with a small action.

All through a small piece of technology called Lunchbox.

Lunchbox is a contactless donation box that you can place in your canteen space.

Lunch box

The small box enables employees who are buying lunch to do the same for a hungry child just by tapping their card against it; each tap makes a 30p donation – enough to feed a child school lunches for a week in a developing country.

With hundreds, if not thousands, of staff passing through your canteen everyday those taps all add up.

What’s more, because it’s a ‘digital solution’ your hungry workforce can see the difference they are making in real time. A digital billboard in the canteen could, for example, be linked up to the Lunchbox with a live counter of the number of kids fed that lunchtime.

Lunchbox is partnering with Mary’s Meals, a great charity that feeds children in schools across the world for just £12.20 a year. However if you already have a partner charity, Lunchbox can be set up for tap donations to go to them.

This way to innovate CSR isn’t just a look into the future, it’s happening now.

Lunchboxes, currently hosted in 5 shops, have already received over 1000 taps, paying for 5000 school lunches. We are also having some exciting conversations with a number of big businesses about using Lunchbox in their canteens.

We really believe a small thing like Lunchbox could change the way your business and your staff give to charity on a daily basis and we would love you to be part of the movement.

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