Welcome to Some Things – five of the most interesting and inspiring things we have found on the World Wide Web this week.

  1. 1. A journey into the social media lives of teens

Brands endlessly talk about the need to connect with millennials and how to market to the ‘social media generation’. But do they really have their finger on the pulse? This insightful article from Wired Magazine dives into the relationship between teenagers and their phones, bringing to light to the truly baffling rules that makes their social world go round.


2. In da hostel with 50 cent

Hostel World, the largest hostel booking website, really get it when it comes to making bloody great videos. Last year, after Chris Eubank tweeted in confusion why everyone was connecting him with youth hostels (if you don’t know why watch this), they made ‘Youth Hosteling with Chris Eubank’. Their follow up film, In Da Hostel with 50 Cent, is equally funny and brilliant. Enjoy.


3. An idea made a reality

As problem hunters, it’s always great to see other people trying to make small differences in the world. Felix Clarke is one of those people – and his website has a variety of creative solutions to problems he has seen. These are not all pipe dreams though – his idea for Dr Martens recently was made a reality and named after him. Very cool.


4. Cooking up in the Experiential Lab

Here at Earnest Labs we are on a mission to find a share the most interesting technology that can be used within businesses. That’s why last month we put on Experiential Labs – a showcase of the best and most cutting edge technology that marketers can use to enhance their events. It was a great event and has sparked what we hope will be a bigger series. Watch this space.


5. A dominatrix’s review of chatbots

Chatbots are the new thing on the scene and growing in popularity. But which ones are good, and which are terrible? Who better to ask than a group of people who know a thing or two about good service – a Dominatrix.